This 87-video training by SPOTO trainer Lalo Nunez covers the knowledge network administrators need in order to configure a Unified Contact Center Express or UCCX, Cisco’s contact centre in a box. It will ensure that all your calls and messages get where they belong.
Unified Contact Center Express Training (UCCX).
This entry-level training on Deploying Unified Contact Center Express is for network administrators. It teaches them how to configure UCCX, Cisco’s contact center in boxes, and make sure all your calls and messages get where they belong.
Cisco’s Unified Contact Center Express is a powerful tool that distributes and queues calls across a large network. This course provides training on how you can maximize its efficiency.
This training will ensure that network administrators are not intimidated by the many options, configurations, and integrations available to the “contact center within a box”. This training can help you become the person responsible for improving your contact center efficiency and simplifying all administrative tasks.
This Cisco training is useful for supervisors to help them onboard new network administrators. It can be curated into individual or group training plans or used as a reference resource.
This 15-part series covers topics like providing secure customer interactions for up 400 users, configuring automated calling distribution so that incoming call destinations reach their destinations, optimizing multimedia interactions between customers and users.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
UCCX: Installation Unified Contact Center Express
UCCX: Introduction To Unified Contact Center Express
UCCX: Creating basic scripts
UCCX: Creating scripts with menu options
UCCX: Specify Business Hours in your script
UCCX: Holiday Check and Business Hours: Subflows
UCCX: Certificate Management and Resource Management
UCCX: Routing calls for agents and Cisco Finesse
UCCX: Customizing Cisco Finesse Desktop
UCCX: Customizing Cisco Finesse Desktop
… and many more

This training includes:
13 hours of training
87 videos

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