What are the most popular cities for project management? We compared the outlook for project management careers to hotspots for megaprojects.
This article will teach you:
Which country pays project managers the highest?
What are the top cities with the most jobs?
Which cities made it into The Global Liveability Index?
Which city made the list, even though it isn’t yet built?
Which city is the most attractive for EU investment?

1. Shanghai
There are many huge projects in Shanghai, including:
Shanghai Urban Rail Transit Expansion: Piling work for the new high-speed rail line began in November 2020. The country has invested US$43.3bn in six subway lines and three intercity railways.
Construction of a Huawei research-and-development center
Facilities for aircraft R&D
The expansion and continued development of Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory
The LEGOLAND(r), Park & Resort in Jinshan District will cost US$550m and will open in 2024.

The Shanghai Master Plan (2017-2035), outlines the larger picture for investment and development in the city.
We don’t have numbers at the city level, but 78% of project professionals in China believe they will see a 5% increase in their pay over the next 12 months. This is a promising sign, and could be due to the increased investment in infrastructure projects.
The Office of National Statistics reported that a 1.3% average increase in my salary for next year would be based on the most recent earnings growth figures. Therefore, 55% of Chinese project managers are anticipating pay rises of more than 10%. This is a sign that market forces are driving project management earnings in China.
It could also be due to the low level of salaries currently offered in China.
Although there are billions of dollars being invested in Shanghai megaprojects and the average salary for project managers in China is US$29,075, this research shows that the average salary for these managers is only US$29,000. Employers may have realized that wages must be competitive to attract top talent.
Nationally, 73% of respondents report that there are formal or informal career paths for project managers within their organization.
CityPercentageShanghai78%Buenaventura52%NEOM39%Warsaw39%Seattle19%Tokyo19%London19%Las Vegas19%Washington DC19%Brisbane19%Sydney19%Percent of project professionals who believe they will get a pay increase of 5% of more in the next 12 months (Source: PMI; figures relate to country)2. Sydney
Sydney is experiencing incredible investment. There are many project management jobs that can be found in the city, which reflects the increasing demand for specialist skills.
Among the major projects to be watched over the next 12 month are:
Sydney metro expansion: This project will open in 2024. It will cost approximately A$12bn. Additional investment is required to extend the network west. The project will provide 31 stations, with the goal of increasing capacity by nearly 100%. The new metro route will also be home to commercial and residential properties.
Construction and operation of a fish market will be done in two stages.
The Western Sydney Aerotropolis plans to create 100,000 new jobs by 2056 and support further development of local roads and metro systems. The initiative has received A$20bn in public funding and private investment.

The Sustainable Sydney 2030 program details other initiatives to develop the city. It is also mentioned in the Global Liveability Index.
A search on Seek.com.au revealed a staggering 9,396 job opportunities posted within the last 30 days. The average salary for a project manager is US$101,381, which is a lot of money spent on finding top talent to support the many infrastructure projects taking place in the city.
68% of respondents report that their organization offers a formal or informal career path to project managers, so things are looking up for professionals.

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