Many people associate the idea of working remotely with the image of being in your slippers and not having to worry about the world. It’s not always easy, however, if you’ve ever worked remotely. Many people work remotely, just like you. Many struggle to stay productive and engaged during their workdays.
TeamGantt has been working 100% remotely for more than 10 years. We have seen almost every obstacle that working remotely can throw at you. These are some of our most popular articles on working from home.
How to quickly set your team up to work remotely
Are you looking to quickly transition your team? This article is for you. This article will help you transition your team to a work from home environment. All of the tools we offer are very affordable, if they are not completely free.
Learn about:
Essentials for a home office setup
Remote meetings, file sharing and project management tools are free
Tips for setting up work schedules and meeting frequency
How to stay productive while working from home
Working from home is difficult because it can be hard to stay productive. TeamGantt has all been guilty of being tempted to watch the latest movie or play the latest game while we work. Maybe it’s your children or your neighbors who distract you from your daily tasks. This article will give solid advice on how you can maximize your day, regardless of the distraction.
Learn about:
How to determine your priorities
Why you should tackle your largest task first
How to keep distractions at bay
Small breaks are a great way to reward yourself
How to create a stress-free office in your home
Working can be stressful enough. If you don’t establish clear boundaries for your family and yourself, working from home can make it more stressful. We offer practical tips to help you establish and enforce these boundaries.
Learn about:
How to set boundaries
Tips for setting work hours
Why it is important to spend time away from your home
11 ways to make it a success working from home
This article will provide additional tips and tricks to make working remotely productive and stress-free. You will learn everything you need to know about creating a dedicated workspace and how to dress up for work. You can also learn about staying socially connected and the virtues overcommunication.
Learn about:
How to set up your home-office
How to communicate with your colleagues
How to stay motivated and stimulate the brain
How to connect with coworkers while working from home
Working from home can make it easy to feel lonely and isolated. You can still build trusting relationships with your coworkers. This article will show you how to connect with your coworkers in a simple way that keeps communication flowing and morale high.
Learn about:
Transparency and compassion are important
Tips for having virtual fun with your friends
How to increase morale on an ongoing basis
The easiest way to create a project plan
In just 10 minutes, you can create a beautiful project plan. You can switch between gantt and calendar views with a single click.
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The Ultimate Guide to Work-from-Home Strategies