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What leadership books are best for project managers? Ask 10 leaders and you’ll likely get 10 different lists.
Here’s mine!
These are books that I have read over the years. I refer to them often for inspiration and because they work.
You can watch me discuss them in thisvideo, or scroll down for more information about my top leadership books for people who work in projects.
The Accidental Leader by Harvey Robbins and Michael Finley
This book is one I have used many times over the years. I also bought it for my team members. This book is a great choice for those who suddenly find themselves in a leadership role. Let’s face the truth, project managers are often those who find themselves in this position.
You suddenly get a new job or you become the PM for a new project. It happened to me overnight when I became the line manager for my project team.
This book will guide you through the steps to meet and lead your team. It discusses what to do in your first few months as a leader, and how you can set the right tone for your leadership going forward.
Gary Lloyd, Business Leadership for IT Projects
This book is about getting the most business value from technical projects. It is for people with no technical background but who are in a leadership role and working with people who deliver the technical elements of projects.
It’s great for project managers, as we often manage projects that have an IT workstream. It is all about ensuring that the project and its people deliver the value you expect. This book will help you understand what is important and how you can get more of it.
Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones: Why Should Anyone Follow You?
This book was given to me by a management course. It’s a very popular book, probably the one you would have heard of.
It is about authentic leadership and not trying to conform to the mold of what a leader should look like.
It covers how to be able to assess your leadership style and present yourself in the most authentic way possible.
The phrase “conforming enough” is a good idea. We all know that it is necessary to behave in a certain way in order to succeed in the workplace. However, being able to do that while still remaining true and true to your values and how you want to lead is a balance that the book explores.
It will help you to be more introspective and understand your own style.
Penny Pullan, Virtual Leadership
Project managers are often responsible for leading virtual teams. We work with people from all over the globe, as well as suppliers from different offices.
One of my first jobs was at a company with five offices in the same city. Although we could walk between buildings, there was a lot of virtual work going on.
You can improve your relationships with your project team members and get more done by learning how to manage and lead in virtual environments.
This book is great for anyone working in a dispersed or virtual team environment. Even if you are only doing occasional conference calls, you will find some useful strategies to get the most out of virtual meetings.
These are my top choices for leadership books for project managers. What books do you have?
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