Simona Millham joined SPOTO in November. She brings with her almost 20 years of experience teaching people how Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Keep an eye out for videos from her first course “What’s new in Office 2016”.
She lives in Hampshire, south of London. Simona stated that it is a beautiful area, ideal for long walks with her husband or dog, especially in early summer when the bluebells are in full flower.
Expertise: Microsoft Office, primarily PowerPoint. She has her Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS Master) certification.
When she’s not making Nuggets, you can find her walking her dog, playing the harp, going to yoga, doing her French homework, and feeding the hedgehogs at her local wildlife rescue centre.
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Start training. Her favorite thing about being an instructor is that she enjoys sharing tips, tricks and workarounds with people that can make their workdays easier. It’s particularly fun to hear people say, “HOW did that feature last so long ?!?”?” Fun fact: Her colleagues call him the “Office Tipster.”
She is passionate about video training, because it allows her, as a Microsoft Office Trainer, to show technology working as it should. She said that video training is great for “watching” and learning. She loves that people can simultaneously watch a video and test out the feature she is training on. She said, “That’s true learning!”
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Simona Millham, Meet the Trainer