Shawn “Super”, Powers does his best Wolverine impression.
State: I reside in the northern portion of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. Actually, your right hand is almost the same shape as Michigan if you hold it palm-up. I am located near your middle finger.
Professional: Linux expert, CCNA
Since 2009, CBT
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Start training I am the technology director at a K-12 school in Michigan. Our school has approximately 50% Linux thin clients and half a Macintosh workstations. It is my responsibility to ensure that they all work together. (Note: Shawn is now the Assistant Director of Database Services at Cornerstone University as of August 2012.)
Linux Journal also has me as a writer and editor. This basically means that you’ll find me sitting in front of a computer monitor 90%. The remaining 10% of my time is spent drinking tea or tweeting silly things on Twitter. Oh, and sometimes I sleep.
Favorite Nugget – The first LPIC-1 series contains a Nugget that explains IP subnetting. This was my favorite topic to teach when I taught CCNA classes to high school students. It was fun for me too, as I could see the “Aha!” moment. My students would feel the “Aha!” moment when they understood subnetting. It’s a complicated subject, but it’s really fun once you understand it.

Being a trainer is the best thing about it. I know that people want to learn. This is not always true for high school students. It’s hard to not love it when I know my audience is just as passionate about the subject matter that I am.
Because I was a nerd when I first started in the IT industry, Linux networking and other topics were mystical voodoo topics that only nerds could understand. Although I was one of those nerds back then, it’s now a thriving industry. Computer classes are available at colleges and universities all over the country. CBT-style training is my favorite because it’s nerds who teach nerds. The trainers aren’t just people who read from a book. We’re the nerds in action. This kind of personal training is rare in traditional classroom settings.
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