ITIL 4 is a major overhaul of the entire framework. It represents the largest change since ITIL 3 was published in 2007. ITIL 4 is a flexible, customizable and more agile version of ITIL. It was updated for today’s workplace. ITIL 4 encourages collaboration across the business, less silos, and more communication. It also integrates Agile, DevOps and Lean, IT governance, and leadership into ITSM strategies.
The guiding principles provide a comprehensive and holistic vision of how a service/service-management organization should manageand execute its work. These principles of ITIL4 are:
Start where you areKeep it simple and practicalOptimize and automateProgress iteratively with feedbackCollaborate and promote visibilityFocus valueThink and work holisticallyClick here to download the full Infographic for & Guiding Principles ITIL 4.
ITIL 4, the most anticipated ITIL update in history, will be available soon. New Horizons is a Global Best Practice Strategic Partners with AXELOS and is at the forefront of this new release. There is no better training provider than New Horizons to help you take advantage of all that ITIL 4 offers. Check out these upcoming courses.
ITIL 4 Foundation (2-Day Training Course)
This course will help you begin your ITIL 4 journey. It will enable you to see IT Service Management from a holistic perspective of a Service Value System.
This course is essential to prepare you for the Foundation Certificate of ITIL 4. It includes an Exam Voucher and a digital copy the official ITIL 4 Foundation manuscript.
This stream is for IT professionals working in technology and digital teams. It provides the knowledge and skills necessary to manage successful IT projects, teams, and workflows. There are three modules that specialize, plus one module that bridges the two Specializations.
ITIL Managing Professional Modules: ITIL Strategic Leader (ITIL SL).
This stream focuses not only on IT Operations but also on ITIL’s value for all digitally enabled services. A ITIL Strategic Leader is able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the role IT plays in business strategy. This stream has two modules: the bridge ITIL Strategist module, and the ITIL Leader module.
Direct, Plan, and Improve (IT Strategist module)Digital and IT Strategy(ITIL Leader Module). Both modules are required to earn the ITIL Strategic Leader designation. Talk to us today to talk to an ITSM Expert about how to develop your organization.
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Editor’s note: This article was originally published February 2019, and has been revised and updated for accuracy and completeness.

Seven Guiding Principles of ITIL4 [with Infographic]