If you want to grow your career in the field of Penetration Testing and are a Certified Ethical Hacker, then Licensed Penetration Tester Master (LPT) certification is your next step. Do you sometimes feel like you are not getting the most out of your PenTesting experience and knowledge? You’ve guessed it! This LPT Certification will make a huge difference in your life. Let’s take an overview of the benefits and highlights of becoming LPT Certified Professional.

Highlights of LPT Certification
It is easy to wonder why you would need this certification if you are already a qualified pentester and have extensive hands-on experience. LPT Master certification is important because it validates your expertise in Penetration Testing.
This Certification is offered through EC-Council which is the leading credentialing body in cybersecurity.
It is an online, remote-proctored, and practical exam.
It is designed to challenge the candidate through a demanding 18-hour performance.
You must demonstrate a consistent, methodical, and measurable approach to pentesting in order to pass the exam.
After extensive research on job-task analysis, the design of this guideline was based on the recommendations of subject-matter experts and practitioners around the globe.
It is a globally recognized certification.
LPT Certification has many benefits
Evidence of Competence
LPT Certification is a certification that one is competent in penetration testing. This certification gives you a competitive edge on the market.
International Recognition
LPT Certification allows you to perform penetration testing and consultation internationally.
Industrial acceptance
This certification will make you a security professional who is legally and ethically compliant with the industry standards.
Along with certification, membership gives you access to all EC-Council software, reports frameworks, and standard methodologies.
License to practice
All EC-Council-accredited organizations are available to conduct penetration testing.
LPT Certification Exam and Course Structure
PT (Master) is not jut a cybersecurity training program from EC-Council. You can earn a credential by taking the certification exam. The course structure and exam details will help you understand the purpose of this certification. It is an online 100% exam that will test your endurance with a demanding 18-hour performance.
The LPT (Master) exam, the first online pentesting exam that can be remotely proctored, is the first in the world. It is designed to fulfill the industry’s requirement that the student taking the exam must be authenticated in controlled environments. This helps to protect the credential’s integrity.
This hands-on exam is broken into three levels, each lasting six hours. The exam consists of nine challenges (three at each level) that test your ability to deal with the most challenging real-time cybersecurity problems.
To move up to the next level, you must solve at least one challenge. To pass the exam, you must solve at least five of nine challenges.
It tests your perseverance, pentesting abilities and methodological approach to it.
The exam structure was developed by industry professionals and subject-matter experts based on real-life needs and experiences. This allows for consistent results by improving pentesting skills in real-world situations.
The LPT certification exam tests every skill of an aspiring pentester. It also focuses on strong report writing skills. This skill will not be accepted as proof of your pentesting skills competence.
This is the most difficult task you will face.

PT) : Validation Of Your Expertise in Penetration Testing