Project managers often have a lot to do. They must manage daily pressures and meet deadlines. It doesn’t matter how difficult the job can be, there are still many reasons to be a manager. This list of perks will help you if you have lost your enthusiasm or are trying to figure out if a project manager job is right for you.
1. Project variety
Project management is never dull. Project management is a dynamic field that brings new challenges and new targets. This is great news for anyone who enjoys being busy. The project life cycle includes planning, execution, and closing. This means that there are always opportunities to work with new products and technology across a variety of industries.
2. Meet new people
Project managers are often great people people. This could be because they are constantly in touch with different types of people. They can communicate with people from all levels of organisations, regardless of how large or small the project.
3. Travel opportunities
Sometimes project managers find themselves traveling to other destinations for a variety of reasons. These include monitoring the progress of projects, meeting new contacts, discussing new ideas, and meeting with stakeholders. Take some time to enjoy the new surroundings and relax.
4. Always learning is a good thing
Each project is unique, so every set of challenges will be different. This allows you to reflect on your work and learn from past mistakes. Project managers are often in a changing role, which gives you the chance to continue learning new skills and processes.
5. Well organized
You don’t need to be rigid in managing a project. You are the manager of the project, so you can set milestones and control the entire project’s life cycle. You can plan projects well and pay attention to details, which is a valuable skill in every day life.
6. You can change industries
Project management is not limited to one industry. Project managers can be found in many industries, including law, technology, and healthcare. According to the Project Management Institute, there will be a demand of 87.7 millions project managers by 2027. This means that there may be more incentive to change industries.
7. High salaries
Project managers are highly in demand. This means that the salaries of top project managers can be very lucrative. According to the PMI’s Project Management Salary Survey, PMP certificate holders will be paid 23% more on average.
8. Satisfaction at work
Although being a project manager can sometimes be stressful and unpredictable, it’s worth the effort to work with a great team to create a solution that exceeds customer expectations. This can be a motivating factor for you to do better on future projects, even if all you are doing is your job.

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