What’s that? Keith Barker has completed another course? This time, it’s VMware Horizon 6 with View! As Keith covers the most powerful VMware virtualization products, such as creating manual pool and using security servers, join him! Keith shared his thoughts on his latest course.
Q: Which was your favorite Nugget you created? “Deploying linked clones.” Horizon View was so entertaining in creating VMs (virtual machines) after VMs. Each one was perfectly added to AD (active directory), and ready for use. It was great to see this.
Q: What were the obstacles you faced when creating this training? Windows, specifically the time it took for Windows to verify that a customization specification (a VMware thing with or without a Sysprep script (a Microsoft Thing) would work correctly. I spent four days learning which combinations don’t work. I was able share the solution in the Nuggets so it feels great to save someone.
Q: What was your student perspective when creating this course? The fundamentals of Horizon, how it works and how to make sure it is working. There is so much documentation about optimization and fine tuning, so I wanted the student be able to focus on the basics. I hope that the student will have a working knowledge and experience with Horizon View after he/she has watched the videos and practiced hands-on. Then, they can start to fine tune and tweak the system based on their business needs.
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Start trainingQ: Do you have any outside-of-the box tips for students to get more out of your course? Have a lab and practice. Although it’s not really out of the ordinary, it is an important ingredient. If they don’t have access, they can use VMware’s Hands-on Labs for some practice of Horizon View configuration.
Q: What is one real-world application that someone can expect to use? This course will save hundreds of hours on the rollout and configuration of virtual machines.
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Why should you learn VMware? Here are Keith’s top reasons to learn VMware.
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New Course: VMware Horizon 6 with View