Garth Schulte recently completed the Microsoft MCSE SQL Server 2014 70-464 course. He covers 36 videos on the latest version of Microsoft’s SQL Server database server. This includes how to design, implement and optimize SQL Server 2014 database and programming objects. This course prepares you to take the MCSE: SQL Server 2014 Data Platform exam.
We spoke to Garth recently to learn more about the course and his tips for conquering this technology.
Q: Why should companies train IT professionals in this technology. SQL Server is the most widely used database platform for Windows-based environments. SQL Server 2014 offers powerful new features that can be used for all types of workloads and infrastructures. It includes in-memory technology and cloud integration. This allows database professionals to create faster and more flexible solutions.
Q: What was your student perspective when creating this course. I tried to give learners an alternative perspective by offering demonstrations and concept, as well as our own simplified database and T -SQL examples to use.
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Start trainingQ: Do you have any outside-of-the box tips that will help students get the most from their course? Lab it up! You can use our Virtual NuggetLab to see how things work in your environment. Combining demonstration, concept, and lab can help reinforce concepts and give you that hands-on experience.
Q: What is one real-world application that someone can expect to use? This course will help you improve your T-SQL skills as well as show you how to use the many programmable objects in SQL Server. You will also be able to take advantage of many of the new features SQL Server 2014 has to offer in development.
Q: What are the most notable topics/technologies covered in this course? I always thought 70-464 was 70-461++. It covers similar topics but goes deeper into the following areas.
Q: Which Nugget was your favorite to make? I believe in automation. Automate everything! Automation Nuggets were a lot of fun. The concept Nugget presents a challenge to automate your backup/restore process. We then demonstrate a solution using SSIS in the Nugget. We modify the process to make use of Microsoft’s cloud by using the Azure BLOB Storage Service for backups.
Q: What were the obstacles you faced when creating this training? It was difficult to come up with a simplified schema (NuggetlabDB) that would be easy to learn from, but still maintain a real-world feel. I overcame this challenge through persistence, a whiteboard and way too much coffee.
Q: What is the one thing you hope learners will take away from this training? I hope they get a passing grade on the 70-464 exam. I hope they also take away many of the practical tips, tricks, best practices, and real-world advice we offer in every Nugget.
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New Course: SQL Server 2014 70-464