Brian Alderman discusses his latest course on Microsoft SharePoint 2013 77-419, leading to the Microsoft Office Specialist certification.Microsoft SharePoint provides a web application platform within the Microsoft Office server suite and has become critical to the day-to-day functions of many workplaces. In his course Microsoft SharePoint 2013 77-419, Brian Alderman guides learners through the new features and functionality. Brian used the SPOTO training method to teach the course. This emphasizes more efficient and effective content delivery for better learning. Brian’s course averages just 12.5 minutes in length, making it more convenient to learn. Q: Why should companies train IT professionals in this technology. It is the most popular collaboration product in the world, with millions of users using it every day. This course will help you achieve your SharePoint MOS certification and become proficient in SharePoint. This course is great because it can be applied to any SharePoint environment, no matter where it is hosted. I highlight a few minor capabilities that are different in Office 365.
Q: What was your student perspective when creating this course? Exploring different ways to accomplish specific tasks and the various components of SharePoint you’ll need to be more efficient with SharePoint.
Q: Do you have any tips for students that will help them get the most out your course?
Q: What is one real-world application that someone can expect to use? Organizing the content in SharePoint will allow you to quickly find the data you are interested in and filter out any other data that might not be relevant to you.
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Start trainingQ: What topics or technologies are covered in this course? Customizing SharePoint sites, organizing SharePoint content, security of SharePoint content, and better understanding how to navigate SharePoint.
Q: Which Nugget was your favorite? Customizing SharePoint sites. You can make a boring SharePoint site look great by adding a Nugget.
Q: What were the obstacles you faced when creating this training?
Q: What is the one thing you hope learners will take away from this training program? Confidence in SharePoint by knowing that you are using the robust functionality SharePoint offers.
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New Course: SharePoint 2013 (77-419)