Anthony Sequeira, SPOTO trainer, recently released his AWS Solutions Architect course for Compute Services. This course covers the primary features and services available within Amazon Web Services.
Anthony discusses instance types and life cycles as well as pricing and tenancy options. He also addresses placement groups and autoscaling. Anthony spoke to us about his new course, and how you can get the most out of your training.
Q: Why should companies train their IT staff in these skills? What is the value of being an AWS Solutions Architect?
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Get started training. The cloud is revolutionizing IT. AWS offers many options. This course explains the many options available to AWS users.
Q: Who should take this course? These skills will prepare you for a career in the IT industry.
This course is for IT professionals and decision-makers who are thinking about a move towards cloud services for Compute.
Q: Do you have any tips for students to get the most from your course?
If they don’t already have an AWS account, students should sign up for the Free Tier account. This allows them to practice the course in real-world situations.
Q: Which is the coolest real-world application that someone can expect to use thanks to this course?”
Cloud automation and serverless computing are available to students! These are the two hottest areas in the sector right now!
Q: What courses or certifications should learners take before they can dive into Solutions Architect – Compute Services?
The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course should be completed by students. I will soon be completing this course for our library.
Q: Which certifications or courses should learners consider after completing this course?
AWS Solutions Architect – Storage

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New Course: AWS Solutions architect – Compute Services