Jim Anthony
Apple Mobile Technical Competency (MTC), Network+ and DRI CBCV. Expertise in mobile app training and strategy development.
Since 2012, SPOTO
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Being a trainer is the best thing about it. It’s cool to help people use mobile technology well, rather than letting it use them. I am concerned about the potential negative effects of the internet and mobile tech. Texting while driving, texting while driving and information overload. I believe that learning how to use this technology can help us all manage the flood of data being directed at our brains. Remember that the most important feature of a mobile device is the “off” button. This should be used a lot more often.
Because… “…Teach someone to fish, and feed them for their entire lives. That’s why I love training. There are many serious diseases in the world, including hunger, homelessness, and disease. Teaching people anything of value is more important than just fighting for these issues. By helping people to improve their lives, we help them gain knowledge and skills that will improve their productivity, effectiveness, and overall contribution to their communities. The world will improve if we help people, families and communities.
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Meet Jim Anthony, the trainer