Let’s first understand the differences between degrees and certifications. Both are distinct and can not be used in the same way. Certification is something we do for a short time and to learn a specific skill. Degrees are typically something that lasts longer and covers more topics.
Students who have finished high school and are looking for an academic degree would most likely choose a degree. Certifications are often preferred by people who have a degree and those who want to gain practical experience in a specific area or field. People who have limited time will choose a certification over a degree.
You can always pursue a degree if you are already employed in a particular field and wish to change careers. Most people know that a certificate course can serve the same purpose, but in a shorter time.
It doesn’t matter if you have a degree or a certificate, but it does depend on what job you want. A certification course will help you get a job, whether you are looking for a career in beauty or technical work like plumber or electrician. For those who work in a professional environment such as Banking, IT, or Accounting, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required.
Many organisations prefer individuals with specialized knowledge in a particular area of expertise, besides a degree. For example, A subject matter expert is someone who is expected know all the technicalities of a subject. Therefore, certifications are preferred for such positions. Many believe that certifications can give them the extra knowledge they need in a short time. They are more career-oriented and specific. It is possible to acquire the skills necessary for a job in real-world situations by obtaining certifications. This makes it a better option.
Students would still struggle to adapt to a work environment even though they have the necessary knowledge. Certifications, on the other hand, offer many options and can help you gain the skills you need to do a specific job. You can acquire the in-depth knowledge through experience.
Companies prefer people with certifications to those who have a degree, as many certifications are internationally recognized and more specific to the job role. Certifications can make you more job-ready and give you the skills you need. This is why more people choose to get certified.
Even graduates with a degree may prefer to pursue certifications that are more specific to their field of work. For example. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, but that is not enough to be able to work as a Business Analyst. If I want to be a Business Analyst, I will need to obtain specialized certifications.
You may need to keep up with your skills grading in cases where technology is changing. It is impossible to get a degree every single time. The best option is to obtain certifications in the relevant fields. It will also help you gain the confidence you need to get a job.
Certification is the best choice because it focuses more on the acquisition of knowledge in a specific specialized area and can be completed quicker than a degree.
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Logitrain – Importance of Degrees and Certifications in Australia