An AWS certified solutions architect is someone who is responsible for building and maintaining a cloud computing infrastructure for a business. An AWS solutions architect must have a deep understanding of the principles and services used to build a technical cloud strategy.

AWS Solutions Architects must have the right balance of technical and business skills. Their primary focus must be technical judgments regarding the impact and solutions on business outcomes. The solution architect must be able to explain complex problems more clearly to the management team.
As an AWS Solutions architect, you will be responsible for developing the cloud’s high-level solutions and transferring the existing ones to the cloud.
Let me tell you in this blog what the main focus should be on for a solution architect. AWS solution architects certification benefits are, skills required to become an AWS Solution architect, and the responsibilities of an AWS Solution architect.
An AWS solution architect’s main focus must be on these things:
Understanding how technology is used can solve many business problems.
To build a solution, it is important to identify the platform on which the tech framework or stack will be built.
Maintaining the interactions among the application modules.
Identifying third-party platforms and frameworks that pose a risk to the organization.
Solutions for the problems of an organization
Benefits of a certification as an AWS solution architect:
You are doing a great job if you are interested in AWS solutions architect certification. There are many benefits.
High pay/good increments: If you are a certified AWS solution architect, you will earn more than your colleagues.
High demand for AWS experts: Every organization wants to move their data to cloud computing. This is why there is a growing demand for experts to design solutions for complex cloud problems. There are many opportunities for AWS solution architects.
Earnings from essays: While getting certified is a time-consuming task that requires a lot of effort and time, AWS certifications are much easier and less time-consuming than other certifications. Good guidance is all you need. That’s it.
Induction of commitment: To become AWS certified, it takes a lot of effort, time and hard work. This kind of commitment is very important for the employer. AWS certification is a sign of your dedication and commitment.

You will need to have the following skills to become an AWS solution architect certified:
Let’s now see what skills are required to become an AWS solution architect certified:
1. AWS Skills: To be an AWS architect, you will need to have a solid understanding of AWS services, AWS concepts and how they work. This includes creating architectures, AWS architecture working, best practices in AWS, and many other things.
2. Problem-solving skills are essential for any job. If you work as a solution architect, you must solve every problem your client faces.
3. Linux/UNIX: Many websites and software are hosted on Linux-based platforms. To be an AWS solution architect, you will need to be familiar with Linux-based operations such as shell scripting.
4. Secure and cost-optimized architectures are what the AWS solutions architect must be capable of building simultaneously secure and cost-optimized architecturals. A hacker/attacker cannot access the architecture or website created by an AWS solution architect.
5. Programming languages: AWS solutions architects create an architecture and assume that a Java application is running. They need to understand the run times and environment changes required to run the Java application.

Let’s learn about the roles and responsibilities of an AWS Solution Architect