We are thrilled to welcome Jeff Kish to our team of rock star trainers. Jeff brings a wealth networking experience to SPOTO, particularly within the Cisco realm. He is currently working on UCS networking training. Some of it has been released.
We reached out to Jeff recently for a quick Q&A session to get to know him better.
Q: What are your hobbies or passions when you’re not creating videos? I enjoy being a father and husband, and I am active in my church. Beyond that, I enjoy writing fantasy novels, coding videogames, and sometimes sneaking off to a Super Smash Bros Tournament.
Q: What is it that you love about Indiana? I love the Midwestern lifestyle and not living in big cities. It also helps to live near South Bend if you are a fan of Notre Dame football. Go Irish!
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Start trainingQ: What areas of IT expertise do you have? Primarily, my experience is in core networks and data centers, including servers, storage, disaster recovery, and network fabrics. Recently, I have been enjoying exploring software-defined networking and network programmability. Technology is a never-ending adventure!
Q: Which IT certifications are you currently holding? Since I started working in the industry, I have been passionately interested in IT certifications. I was able to get my CCNA within a year. Today, I hold a number Cisco certifications, including CCIEs in R&S and Data Center. Here’s the complete list.
Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching Cisco CCIE Data Center Cisco CCNP Data Center Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching Cisco CCDP Cisco CCIP Cisco CCNA Data Center CCNA Routing and Switching Cisco CCDA Cisco DCUCD Specialist Cisco DCUFD Specialist
Q: What attracted to technology? I went to school for engineering and was lucky enough to have taken one class in computer networks. Dijkstra’s algorithm had to be done by hand. It was my favorite class at college. I was determined to find a job doing this type of work, though I now let the routers do the advanced mathematics.
Q: What is your favorite part about being a trainer. I love helping others achieve success and gain a deeper understanding the world around them. IT professionals often find it difficult to maintain their heads above water, as they are often asked to do more than is reasonable. It’s what I love doing, helping them to lighten their load through training.
Q: What do online video training advantages over boot camps or textbooks have you noticed? I love that I can access my phone to learn anything and everything at any time. Online learning is always accessible, available, and always there when you are in need.
I love reading white papers and text books on good subjects. But, we often need better returns on our time.
Q: What advice would you give to someone who is interested in learning IT? Continue to learn, regardless of whether it’s through certifications or simply by improving your skills. Never stop learning. The goal is not to put a piece of paper up on the wall. It’s to gain a deeper understanding and improve our ability contribute to the world around.
Q: What would you describe as your teaching style? My passion is ignited when I have a dry erase marker in my hand. So my teaching style revolves around whiteboarding solutions and demonstrations. I want learners to be able to understand more than just a list of bullet points and to have a deeper understanding of the topic. My videos will have lots of drawings and demonstrations!
Q: What should learners know about you? I am a learner and my knowledge of technology is growing every day. There is no such thing as “arriving”. There is no such thing “arriving”. We are all on a journey that will continue as long as we are willing to push ourselves and be willing.

Jeff Kish is the trainer