Ethical hacking is different from network defense and perimeter defense, which are both offensive and defensive. Ethical hacking has the advantage of finding security loopholes and not just upgrading security. Let’s find out how.
Ethical hacking is a method that helps system and business owners discover vulnerabilities and loopholes before a potential hacker. It uses the same techniques and practices as a malicious attacker. This is why an ethical hacker uses real tools and methodologies, not SAS processes, which only confirms the best practices for maintaining network security.
Online courses in ethical hacking are offered by EC-Council, which certifies professionals after they pass the CEH exam. It is a trusted organisation that business owners can rely on when hiring ethical hackers.
Ethical Hacking: Modeling an Attack
Network owners can use the model of a malicious hacker’s attack to help them find network vulnerabilities that cannot be found any other way. Ethical hacking allows you to identify both the weaker and stronger areas of network security. This information can be used to help owners identify weak areas and strengthen their strengths. The areas with strong security can be used to protect vulnerable technologies from malicious attacks.
Ethical hacking is all about finding the flaws in a security strategy or model. This is what makes ethical hacking different from network defense.
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Perimeter Security:
Perimeter security, on the other side, focuses more on documenting attacks and defending them. You basically research firewalls, install them on your network, and then find out about VPN server security. It’s not about attacking, but only protecting.
Network security involves following industry best practices and adhering to them in order to operate and implement securely. Perimeter defense is different from ethical hacking, which involves finding loopholes in existing implementations, documenting them, and then feeding them back into the network security procedure to help repel and defend against future attacks.
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How ethical hacking is different from perimeter defense