Cloud computing has revolutionized the IT industry, as you all know. Cloud computing is a booming sector, and almost every IT professional is seeking cloud certifications. Over 65 percent of the largest companies have made the switch to the cloud and started forming cloud teams. A Google Professional Cloud Architect is a highly-demanded job for businesses and organizations.
Google Professional Cloud Architect is the most sought-after career position. Being certified in this field will not only enhance your skills but also open up many lucrative opportunities. For a quick overview of cloud architect roles and how to get them, please read the sections below. Let’s begin by looking at the roles of Google Professional cloud architects.
Who is a Google Professional Cloud Architect and what are their responsibilities?
Cloud Architects are professionals who help organizations to use Google Cloud technologies.
They use their expertise and knowledge of cloud architecture and Google Cloud to plan, develop and manage secure, scalable and highly available solutions that help them achieve business goals. Cloud Architects also perform various tasks, including monitoring cloud activity
Planning and migrating applications
Designing courses of action
Determining computing loads

Third, Cloud Architects have a deep understanding of software development processes and approaches. This includes multi-tiered distributed systems that span multiple clouds or hybrid environments.
Cloud Architects are a rare position in the field of information technology. They manage teams and create plans that are based on solid technical knowledge to achieve better results.
They also focus on bridging the gap between complex business challenges and cloud-based solution.
About the GCP Cloud Architect Exam
The Professional Cloud Architect certification exam evaluates your skills for:
Designing and creating a cloud solution architecture.
Provide the infrastructure and management of cloud solutions.
Design that is both compliant and secure
Analyzing and improving technical or operational procedures.
Managing cloud architecture deployments.
Verification of the solution’s and operation’s durability.
The exam will contain approximately 50 questions and a time limit of two hours. Multiple choice and multiple selection questions will be used. The exam can also be offered in Japanese or English with a $200 registration fee (plus tax if applicable). You can find the exam delivery method here:
Remote location? You can take the online-proctored exam
Or, the onsite-proctored exam in a testing center
You are strongly advised to have at least 3 years of experience in the industry, including one plus year of experience in managing solutions using Google Cloud.
Let’s now move on to the steps necessary to obtain the Google Cloud Architect position using the best study methods!
Preparation Guide for Google Cloud Architect Exam
A study guide is the key to a pleasant exam experience. First, create a study plan that you will follow through to the end. Create a study plan and estimate how much time you can dedicate each day to it. Below is a step-by–step guide to passing the Google Cloud Architect exam. We will also receive a comprehensive training program that is specific for this certification. If you use these resources, you don’t need to worry about learning concepts or resources. Everything will be covered. Let’s begin!
1. How to create a study plan
One of the most important aspects of test preparation is to know where to focus your efforts.

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