Are you interested in becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional and a career in the wide world of IT? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Microsoft MTA certification can be a huge asset in the IT industry, no matter your current position. But, life is not easy. This means that you must work hard to achieve success in life.
This article will provide a detailed analysis of Microsoft MTA 98-366 exam. We will also help you navigate the career path to make your journey easier.
Why choose MTA 98-366 Exams?
As people realize the value of Microsoft training courses, Microsoft certification demand is on the rise. The question is, however, what can a Microsoft Technology Associate certification (MTA) do for you? The following points will help you understand the answer to that question:
Potential candidates will be more attractive to recruiters if they have MTA certification.
This will increase the value of your Curriculum Vitae during the hiring process. This will also be a great experience.
Training offers resources to help prepare you for and excel at jobs that require these skills.
Let’s now move on and gather the exam-related details to get more familiar with the exam.
Exam Details: Microsoft MTA 98-366 exam
Before we begin the journey of the Microsoft MTA 98-336 exam it is important to review the exam details. It is also a good idea to know the details of the exam before you start. Below are details for Microsoft MTA 98-366.
MTA 98-366 is just like other Microsoft exams. It has 40-60 questions that must be answered within 45 minutes. The Microsoft 98-366 exam question types include case study, short answers and multiple-choice. They also cover mark review, drag and drop, mark review, mark review, mark revision, mark review, mark recall, and more. The exam will cost $127 USD. To pass the Microsoft MTA98-366 exam, you must score 700 points or more.
Who should take this exam
Each certification comes with its own requirements and career opportunities. It is important to fully understand the requirements for the Microsoft MTA 98-366 exam.
First, candidates must be familiar with basic networking concepts and technologies.
Second, candidates should have experience with Windows Server, Windows based networking, network management tools and DNS, TCP/IP, names resolution and network protocols and topologies.
Course outline
Now that you know the basics of the exam, let’s get on to the course outline for Microsoft 90-336 exam.
Microsoft has made it easy for candidates to organize different modules in a way that makes it easy to adapt and structure their preparation. Below is a brief description of each module. MTA Networking Fundamentals Exam (98-366) Study guide covers the following concepts.
First Domain: Understanding Network Infrastructure
Understanding network infrastructure is the first domain. This section is further divided into five subtopics.
First, understand the concepts of Internet, intranet and extranet
Second, understand local area networks (LANs).
Third, understand wide area networks (WANs).
Afterwards, understand wireless networking
Finally, understand network topologies as well as access methods
Second Domain: Understanding Network Hardware
Understanding network hardware is the second domain. This section is further divided into three subtopics.
First, understand switches
Afterwards, you can begin to understand routers
Afterwards, understand media types
Third Domain: Understanding protocols, and services
Understanding protoco is the third domain.

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