Are you looking for an associate level exam CCNA 200-311? You’re in the right place. Candidates who wish to learn Cisco technology and increase their job opportunities can take the associate level exams. This article will discuss how to pass the CCNA exam, course content, study methods, and many other topics.
We have already talked about the different certifications and the changes made after February 2020, 24. The most important question is how to pass your exam in one attempt. What strategy is best?
The New CCNA 200-301 has been updated to reflect current technology and practice. It is not easy to update without proper guidance. Our perspective is that the new CCNA will be more demanding, more recognized, and will have more value than the older CCNA.
You must pass the CCNA 200-301 exam to qualify for the CCNA exam and receive a certificate.
This makes our engineers more able to pursue the opportunities they desire and prepares them for the future. Organizations are always looking for people with the latest knowledge and skills as technology evolves.
Changes were made to Cisco certified to ensure that they had the same privilege as before. They should continue to be top of their game and show the organization that they are the best.
Course covered in CCNA exam
It validates your knowledge and skills in administration, configuration, and network implementation.
Network Fundamentals – 20 %
Network Access – 20%
IP Connectivity – 25%
IP Services – 10%
Security Fundamentals – 15%
Automating and Programmability – 10%
Because CCNA is an associate exam, more attention will be paid to network fundamentals and access. This makes up almost 40% of your exam. The largest section will come from IP Connectivity, which is 25%, followed by Security fundamentals at 15%. The last topics are those with a lower percentage, i.e. IP Services and Automation are both 10%. Programmability is 10%.
Automation and programmability are added to help Network engineers collaborate and work more effectively with developers. The percentages can be used to help candidates focus on the topic. These percentages ratios can change in the examination at any time, so make sure you cover all topics.
Format of questions asked during examination
These are the five types of questions that you might see:
Multiple choices, single answer
Multiple answers to multiple choices
Drag and Drop (DND).
Candidats will see a list on the left side of the screen. Candidates need to drag each correct answer onto the right side. Before submitting your final answer, you can change, remove or reorder the items.
Router Simulation AKA Configuration Question
Candidates are required to create a specific configuration and make it work in this format. It basically consists of three switches and three routers. These questions won’t be asked in CompTIA exams. The only way to practice these questions is to have hands-on experience and practice configurations.
This candidate will be asked 3 to 5 questions that are based on real-world scenarios. Time management is a major reason why many people fail the CCNA exam. Practice time management skills.
How do you study for the CCNA exam?
We have been helping candidates prepare for these exams with all the study materials such as videos, workbook, and hands-on lab experience. We also offer lab kits that include hands-on labs and a workbook as a study aid.
This workbook/lab guide/lab manual can help you pass the Cisco related exams.
Online classes are available for CCNA training. They can be taken one-on-one or in groups.

How can you prepare for the CCNA 200-301 certification examination?