Today, there are many more freelancing sites than ever before. Since the advent of the internet, freelancing has grown to be a flourishing online business. Freelancing began in the early days of blogging on a small scale. However, it has become a self-sustaining business in the digital age. Many large freelancing businesses have emerged in recent years. These companies are usually registered in the country where they operate. is one of the longest-standing freelance companies.
Introducing Guru
Guru is an online freelance website that was established in 1998. It was originally known as It has grown to be a huge freelancing marketplace, thanks to a few acquisitions and expansion plans. It is headquartered at Pittsburgh, United States.

How it works
Guru is a freelancing platform where freelancers can be paid hourly for their projects. Sign up on the website to become a member. Most people have basic internet skills and the process is easy. Basic membership is free. The freelancer can continue to use the website to build their portfolio and rank, which will allow them to get better paying projects as a result. Clients will also be more likely to recommend them. Guru charges 8.95% commission for each project assigned to a freelancer. However, the payment is adjusted to reflect the amount that the freelancer will make. Flexibility is the biggest benefit of freelance work. Guru, a marketing strategy that encouraged freelancers to look for opportunities on the website and promote the idea of ‘work from your home’, was once very well-known. This is an important advantage to freelance work that should not be overlooked.

Why choose Guru
Guru is a well-known and trusted freelancing website. It has grown through referrals and word-of mouth over the years. Guru has been able to encourage more freelancers to give Guru a try, making it their preferred avenue for selling their skills. Guru’s clientele trusts it to provide a positive working environment for freelancers and clients. This is enough to encourage budding freelancers. Guru also offers a Safepay payment model where freelancers are guaranteed payment for the work they do. This model gives freelancers great confidence in their work and guarantees them the rightful amount of their money.

Guru: Challenges
Guru can be difficult for new freelancers to find the right project. It can be difficult to place the right bid. Freelancers starting out can spend hours looking through each project before they find the one they are interested in. Bidding is a new concept for many people. It can be difficult to understand how to bid correctly without underbidding or overbidding. Some freelancers find the website difficult to navigate. This, along with miscommunications between freelancers, and the website customer service, are some of many challenges freelancers may encounter. Guru is a great company for freelancing and can be a good way for potential freelancers to make a decent income. Visit their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages for more information.

Software for Project Management
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