To be certified as a PMP, you must dedicate your time and follow a good PMP study plan. Solving as many mock PMP exams as you can is a key factor in your PMP success. A PMP mock exam will contain several PMP exam questions similar to the real thing. This will help you assess your PMP exam readiness.
If you search the internet, you will find many PMP mock exams. Make sure that the mock PMP exams you find are compatible with the latest PMBOK version. You might not receive the correct results for your PMP exam preparation.
We have helped over 200,000 professionals from more than 180 countries to pass the PMP exam with a 99.6% success rate. Now, we have created a seven-step PMP study plan. This PMP study guide will help you create your PMP prep NYC plan.
We have prepared a mock PMP exam with more than 10 PMP questions. This PMP mock exam covers all knowledge points of the PMBOK as well as typical PMP exam questions that you might encounter in a real exam. After you have completed the PMP mock test, we recommend that you take down your answers on a separate sheet. Once you are done, you can review your answers. Examine your mistakes and the reasoning behind them to ensure you are fully understanding your weaknesses.
Question #1 for PMP Mock Exam
Which of these is NOT a good example of a success factor for a project?
a. Top Management Support
b. Delivering on Time and within Budget
c. A Clear Project Mission
d. Adequate Resources
Question #2 for PMP Mock Exam
Examples of motivation include coaching others to improve performance and encouraging them to give encouragement.
a. Exquisite and unique project management skills
b. A sequential communication method
c. Some of Project Sponsor’s responsibilities
d. General and project management skills
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#3 PMP Mock Exam Question
Phase 2 ends with $400,000. However, you had originally planned to spend $325,000. The total value of the work done so far is $350,000 What is your SV?
a. $25,000
b. -$25,000
c. -$75,000
d. -$50,000
#4 Question for PMP Mock Exam
If a professional contract administrator has been assigned to the project, then a project manager will be appointed.
a. You don’t need to actively manage it
b. All responsibility can be delegated to the contract
c. Must still manage all aspects of the
d. Doesn’t need to be familiarized with the small print
PMP Mock Exam Question #5
Except for, each of the following describes an ethical approach.
a. Understanding the religious and cultural sensibilities of the country you are currently living in
b. Ensure that your personal interest is not in conflict with your decision-making
c. Accepting gifts as a favor to one contractor over the other
d. Protecting the confidentiality of sensitive information gathered during the Project Life
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