Technology aspirants would have many career options. A successful career requires a solid grasp of the latest technology and the right launch. This strategy works for technology professionals who are looking to change careers. Candidates who have had hands-on experience with these technologies and have a solid understanding of the concept may be able to make a significant difference. Let’s take a look at the technologies which can help you make your IT career a success in 2019.
1. Machine Learning
Machine learning is a popular technology that is currently in high demand. It is used in many domains such as personalized marketing, spam-free email, chatbots and self-driving cars. Machine learning uses data from the system to make it adaptive and continuously evolving. This is done through methods such as pattern identification. This technology can be used in many industries, such as automobile, robotics, and e-commerce.
Machine Learning’s Industry Relevance
International Data Corporation predicts that investments in Machine Learning technology will reach $57.6 billion USD by 2021. Machine learning patents are the third-fastest-growing category of all patents. IBM, Fujitsu, Facebook etc. There are very few Machine Learning patent producers on the market.
Recent statistics show that 61% top companies want to invest in this technology. This means that data scientists will have many job opportunities in the near future. Certifications in Machine learning technology will be highly sought after as it is essential to hire the best talent. Machine learning is used by entertainment platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime to make recommendations to users.
Job Market for Machine Learning Professionals
An average machine learning professional’s annual salary is $112,000 USD. Today’s professionals are not only looking for the salary but also job satisfaction and high respect at work. All of these requirements boil down to the reality that Machine Learning knowledge can be a game-changer in a professional’s career. A industry-accepted certification can be a great way to validate one’s talent as well as strengthen existing skills. It allows one to see beyond the job description and gain confidence in their abilities.
NetCom Learning offers certification in machine learning
NetCom assists you in advancing your professional career in Machine Learning by granting you the MCSA certification (Microsoft Certified Solution Associate). This certification is a clear validation of the knowledge you have in Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Big Data with R Server, and SQL R Services.
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2. Mobile Development
In 2019, there were 2.5 billion smartphone users around the globe. This is due to the fact that manufacturers are offering a wide range of smartphones on the market, with different configurations and prices. Mobile development is a great career choice for technology aspirants as it offers job satisfaction and a flexible work schedule.
Mobile Development’s Industry Relevance
The latest trends in Mobile Development technology such as chatbots, blockchain and artificial intelligence have brought a huge boom in this sector. By 2019, the total revenue from mobile applications is expected to reach $99 million. Augmented reality, which is being used in games such as Harry Potter and PokemonGo, is a perfect combination of technology and reality.
Top players like Apple, Google, etc. In the last few years, these top players have made huge investments in this technology. Apple paid $100 billion to third-party app developers in 2018, while Android app publishers earned $ 28.6 million in 2017.
Mobile Developers are in high demand
An entry-level mobile developer’s salary is $ 72,000 per year. With experience and the right technology framework, this could grow to $108,000 per year. This is a highly sought-after field that requires not only technical skills but also soft skills. For a project’s success, it is important to communicate effectively with non-technical members of the team. Soft skills are a significant factor in the hiring of developers by 47% of companies.
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