For a future-ready 2021, learn top Microsoft & AWS skills
What is the most important lesson that the pandemic taught organizations around the globe? It’s to be flexible, agile, proactive, and ready to adapt to any situation. Organizations that have followed this pattern – those that were able to quickly adapt to changing dynamics and adjust their skills accordingly – have done well despite global lockdowns. This brings us to the million dollar question.
What are the most important IT skills that enterprises need to acquire in 2021 for sustainability and growth?
Cloud Computing: Every business embraces automation, virtualization, and cloud computing. Period. It is the next step for any company still considering cloud as an option. Your business will reap the greatest benefits if you invest in cloud technology knowledge and skills.
Data & Artificial Intelligence: The future is in data and AI. Companies that don’t use the insights from these skill areas are missing out on a lot customers. Every organization must have a Data & AI team if they want to be competitive in a fast-changing business environment.
Collaboration and Productivity: Many businesses were forced to close their doors by the global lockdowns. However, those who were able to manage their workloads online and collaborate remotely were the ones who managed to survive. This is the most important and fundamental skill needed to survive in modern times.
ERP & CRM Applications: To improve customer loyalty and relationships, you can learn the skills required to implement a CRM.

There are many technologies and skills that may be relevant to you, depending on your business area. However, these are the most important skills that have proven to be a lifesaver for the work-from home economy and will continue to be significant in years to follow.
NetCom Learning believes in the importance of lifelong learning. We help companies achieve their business goals by providing training on the right combination of skills. We offer a wide range of courses that cover the most important IT skills to promote learning and growth.
Cloud Computing: AWS Cloud Foundation, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
Data & AI: Azure Data, Azure AI, Microsoft Power Platform
Collaboration & Productivity: Microsoft 365
Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP & CRM Applications

Why choose Microsoft Foundation Skills and AWS Foundation Skills?

Microsoft and Amazon Web Services are still the game-changers in tech & IT. Expertise in their products is essential not only because of the latest and most relevant technologies, but also because of their importance across industries and job positions.
These Microsoft & AWS courses focus on building foundational skills for leading technologies such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365. Here is a list of everyone who can benefit from the AWS and Microsoft fundamentals training.
Organizations that are looking to move to the cloud with AWS Cloud or Microsoft Azure.
Enterprises plan to develop a basic level of working knowledge for their employees about CRM and ERP applications using MS Dynamics 365.
Microsoft 365 is a service that Microsoft offers to help businesses who struggle with collaboration in remote work environments and the work-from home economy.
Companies that want to be more responsive and make better business decisions can use predictive insights features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Power Platform.
Employers who want to keep their employees up-to-date on the latest technologies in order to be ready for the future and to stand tall in the face adversity.
Individuals who want to learn and expand their skills to be more desirable for certain job roles.
Why choose NetCom Learning to Close The Skills Gap

Authorized Curriculum: Training is provided via AWS Official Courseware or Microsoft Official Curriculum.
Official Training Partner: NetCom Learning, a Microsoft Gold Partner, is an Official AWS Partner Network (APN), training center.
Certified Instructors: All of our Microsoft & AWS courses are delivered by Microsoft Certified Trainers and AWS Champion Instructors.
NetCom365 portal – A digital learning platform that offers reporting capabilities.
22 Years of Experience: NetCom Learning has been providing upskilling services to federal agencies and organizations around the world for more than 20 years.

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For a future-ready 2022, learn top Microsoft & AWS skills