Author: Dr. Jenny Billings at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College
I have written and spoken extensively about a process for setting goals and objectives to measure course performance. It’s important that we discuss student success from the student’s perspective this year.
As an instructor, I want to ensure that I reach all my students. I know this is true for me. We must be more prepared for today’s classrooms. Our classrooms are changing every day. They are becoming more diverse in terms of student population, technology used, and resources. Many of us have worked hard in meeting the needs of all learners. We’ve looked at our courses and instruction more closely, making sure that they include ADA-compliant materials and assignments.
Diverse Assessments are Important
Let’s be real, the types and types of assessments that you give should be as varied as your student population. Your students are not all the same. Students also don’t learn in the same way. It is important that all students have the opportunity to demonstrate what they know, and to shine.
A student’s failure to do well on one assessment does not necessarily mean that they didn’t understand the content. The assessment may not have been the best choice for that student. You should always have backup assessments. This way, if a student surprises or fails to perform on the first assessment, you can give them another chance.
Tips for Back-Up Assessments
Make sure you have a backup assessment in place
It measures the same learning/objective course
The assessment is equally challenging
The method of assessment is different (i.e. If the first type was multiple-choice, you can try short answers for the second.
Meeting students where they are gives insight on resources, support services available and understanding students’ individual needs. (How are these realized or communicated?) ).
How can you ensure that your students are learning if you feel your course is set up to meet the correct objectives? What assessment types should you use? How can you track student progress online?
There are options that can help you answer the questions above. You can also vary these options, especially if you use deliberate digital. I hope to see you at my webinar, where we can discuss the topic in detail.

Choose Assessments that Allow All Students to Success