Story by Michael Friedrich, Managing Director at brandpfeil
Brandpfeil helps companies reach their customers online. Depending on the products and customers of the company, this may require different tasks such as reaching a very specific audience with a customized newsletter in B2B, or setting up an online shop for B2C end-users. The challenges are often unique and it is important to have smooth internal communication and a fair distribution of tasks. Brandpfeil’s Managing Director, I also manage software and organizational matters. Our project managers face many challenges due to our dynamic work processes. Our specialist teams need to be able to break down projects into manageable tasks, such as web design, online marketing, and web development. Project budgets and timeframes must be adhered to. The management wants to know the progress of the top and bottom line. Before we started working together with ActiveCollab we had each perspective in a separate tool: task managing
Time tracking
Billing information was sometimes incomplete and inaccurate. It took manual work to transfer the data from one tool to the next.
We felt this was not the best approach.ActiveCollab provided us with an all-in-one solution that made our workflow more efficient. You can assign tasks quickly and they are available for tracking immediately. ActiveCollab makes it easy to create bills based upon fixed budgets or tracked time records. ActiveCollab helped us to streamline our internal communication and get rid of unnecessary and routine administrative tasks. ActiveCollab helped us communicate our responsibilities and tasks when we needed to establish remote work at scale during Corona lockdown. ActiveCollab gives us the confidence that no task is forgotten and allows us to spend our time helping customers achieve their goals.

brandpfeil: ActiveCollab Is an All-In-One-Solution