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Organizations have had to rethink how they approach digital transformation since the COVID-19 pandemic. Cloud computing has been a key component of business resilience in times of crisis. Cloud computing and other technologies can enable organizations to explore new opportunities, reduce costs, increase productivity, and be more customer-focused in regards to products and services.
To achieve digital transformation, an organization must have both technological advancements and a positive culture. Organizations that consider people their key drivers for transformation can achieve major breakthroughs and fully take advantage of cloud computing technology.
AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials is a course offered by the company to help professionals begin their cloud journey. This course is open to all professionals, regardless of their role. This article will explain how cloud training can help your company. The AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials is also presented to you. This course is often considered to be one of the most valuable courses a professional can take. NetCom Learning offers the course at a discounted rate. Take full advantage of the offer by visiting NetCom Learning.

How cloud training supports your organization’s goals

Digital technologies are used by organizations to innovate and provide better services and products to customers. These organizations view cloud training as a crucial part of their journey. Cloud adoption is not something that can be done overnight. The organization needs skilled and knowledgeable professionals to reap the benefits of the technology. Cloud training gives employees the ability to solve problems and innovate. The technology can improve productivity and efficiency.
Organizations have conducted many studies that emphasize the importance of cloud training.
According to IDC’s study, cloud training speeds up cloud adoption by 80%.
Cloud ROI is 3.8 times more likely for organizations with well-trained employees
Employers with well-trained employees are 4.4 times more likely than others to address operational and performance issues.
Companies with well-trained employees are three times more likely than others to innovate and five times more likely that they agree that cloud computing improves productivity.
AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials Course: Your First Step to Transformation
AWS is a market leader in cloud computing services. AWS offers a variety of role-based courses and training materials to help employees get on board the cloud train. AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, one of the introductory courses, is one that participants can complete in a single day. Participants learn about cloud concepts, AWS services security, pricing, and cloud architecture. The course is delivered by an authorized instructor. AWS designed the course to meet the needs of professionals in IT and non-IT roles. The course is open to professionals from legal, marketing, sales, project management, legal support, legal counsel, legal and marketing. The course is open to both IT and non-IT professionals. AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials might be the best course to help your organization get started with cloud transformation.
Register for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials Course to Save on Your Training
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AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials Course: Getting Ready for AWS Cloud