Many people have been forced to work remotely by the pandemic, which has prompted many enterprises to embrace digital transformation to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud), the largest cloud provider, attributes its phenomenal growth in the past quarter to this new reality.
Organizations are moving faster to the cloud, which is accelerating their plans for adapting to this new normal. Everyone needs to acquire new skills that will help them grow professionally and achieve success. Cloud computing is the best alternative. Learn the cutting-edge skills necessary to help you transition to the cloud. Cloud computing saw a dramatic rise in adoption and use during the Covid-19 epidemic.

Which AWS Cloud Certification is the best entry-level?
Cloud Practitioner AWS is a beginner’s level cloud certification that validates one’s knowledge of AWS Cloud basics. This credential provides a foundation for learners to develop more in-depth skills on AWS Cloud fundamentals and aim for higher-level certifications. This certification doesn’t require programming or coding knowledge. The certification is easy to pass if you are familiar with the basics of web applications, databases, and networking.

Benefits of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Training

1. To keep up with the times, evolve your organization
Learn the basics of AWS concepts and upskill yourself to the cloud. Your organization can embrace the cloud and have cloud professionals certified on-board. This will allow you to enjoy many benefits, including increased mobility and flexibility, reduced downtime, higher productivity, lower costs, greater innovation potential, and more scope for innovation.

2. Explore new avenues to professional growth
Cloud technology is becoming more popular, so it’s worth learning the most important skill to boost your career. Once you add AWS cloud skills, you can get that promotion or even be desirable to potential employers.

3. Preparing for the future
Cloud professionals will only increase in the future. Many organizations are moving to the cloud this year. This will lead to a high demand for cloud professionals. Your prospects for the future can be greatly enhanced by obtaining certification and training as a Cloud Practitioner from AWS.

4. Get ready for the future
The current world has changed the way that we work, collaborate and communicate. Everything is now on the cloud. Earning cloud credentials will be a valuable asset in our modern times.

5. Better Remuneration
The AWS Cloud Practitioner Course and Certification validates and verifies your knowledge and ability to use cloud technology. This additional skill will help you to earn financial benefits for your employer.

6.Expand Professional Network
AWS Certified Global Community is where you can become AWS Certified. You will have access to the AWS Certified Global Community, which offers many opportunities to expand your professional network through exclusive meet-ups, conferences and gatherings hosted by AWS.

7. Be a Subject Matter Expert
AWS certification allows you to be a Subject Matter Expert by AWS. This credential is highly sought after and will prove your contribution to a benchmark certification program. Even if you aren’t looking to become an SME, the Cloud Practitioner certification can be used as a foundation for other specialty or high-level AWS certifications.

What you will learn in AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials training
What is AWS Cloud?
AWS Cloud: The basics of operating and deploying
AWS cloud architecture: Global architecture and architectural principles
AWS Cloud value proposition
AWS platform key services and common use cases
AWS compliance and security
AWS shared security model
AWS platform’s billing and account management features, as well as pricing models

AWS Cloud Practitioner Course: Get Certified in One Day