You want to be a software developer, which is one of the most sought-after jobs in the United States. Next, you have to decide how to learn code. Do you want to sign up for a coding bootcamp or teach yourself? Or do you want to enroll in a college program.
Many people are choosing bootcamps today, but there are many questions you will need to answer. Is it worth it to enroll in coding bootcamps?
Spoiler Alert: They are!
Are Coding Bootcamps worth it?
Career Karma reports that between 74 percent and 90% of all coding bootcamp graduates find work within six months of completing their program. This number will vary depending on the bootcamp but you should have a good chance of finding a job within six months.
Myths that will stop you learning to code

“I don’t know how to do math”
You don’t need a master’s degree in mathematics to learn code. We will teach you everything that you need to know.
“I’m too old”
Coding Dojo does not discriminate on the basis of age. Our bootcamps are open to all ages. It’s never too late for you to learn new skills that can make you a millionaire.
“I don’t have any programming experience”
No prior experience is required. Our students have no programming experience and more than 80% don’t even know how to code. You only need a desire for change in your life and a passion to pursue a career in technology.
Stack Overflow’s research into the state of developers might interest you. Out of the 90,000 respondents 45% had less experience than 10 years.
We have people from all industries, including HR and marketing.
“The market is saturated”
This is simply false! Software development is a career with the greatest growth potential in the next five years. Companies around the globe need developers and will pay top dollars for those who have the right skills.
The Pros of Coding Bootcamps

You can find a lot of benefits to coding bootcamps if you ask the question “Is it worth it?” These are the most popular things people think about when they ask “Is coding bootcamps worth it?”
You want to be able to start training quickly (three months for our bootcamp versus four years for a traditional college).
You don’t want to pay the same amount as a college degree.
You need skills that can be directly matched to local job markets and taught by industry experts.

Did you know that you only need 20% of a computer science degree in order to become a developer? These skills can be learned in a fraction the time with coding bootcamps.
Is Coding Dojo Worth It?
Coding Dojo offers a three-stack curriculum. Most other coding programs only offer one.
That means you will be prepared to work at every level of development–including frontend, backend and data storage.
You will learn the most popular programming languages, including:
.NET Core

These stacks can include the following technologies:

This means that you will be fluent with the coding languages used in the most desirable companies around the world. We work directly with top employers in order to determine which languages are most in-demand.
This broad range of skills allows you to grow with the industry rather than having to go back to school in order to learn more.
Are you still unsure if coding bootcamps will be worth it?
What is a day like at a coding bootcamp?

The day will include a variety of learning activities, including lectures, talks by industry experts, breakout sessions, and online learning. There will be no two days the same.
We believe that getting your hands dirty is the most important part in your education. There is plenty of time to try out the new curriculum you have learned.
It’s a 14-week intensive course. You can expect to work around 70 hours per week online or onsite. This is the key to making coding bootcamps worthwhile.
Online Coding Bootcamps
You are in luck! Coding Dojo offers two online bootcamps for part-time coding. These bootcamps are aimed at people who work full-time. The comprehensive curriculum will still be available online, but you’ll learn it on a time that suits your needs.
You will also be able to join live evening classes and receive instructor support. You will learn web basics and one full stack in just 16 weeks. All from the comfort of your own living room.
Is Coding Dojo able to help me get a job at last?

All students and alumni have access to a dedicated career service. The career services team works with students and alumni from the moment they start bootcamp to help them build their professional resumes and portfolios, search for job opportunities, prepare them for interviews, and negotiate offers.
How does Coding Dojo compare to the average in terms of job numbers? 84% of our graduates find jobs in tech within six months, while 91% find work within one year.
We help you plan your career, not just find a job.
Where can former students find work today?
Our alumni work for the best

Are Coding Bootcamps worth it?