We all have heard of Active Directory, or AD. But why is Active Directory so important? Many people believe that AD is mandatory in their workplace. Why is this so? Refresh your understanding of AD. AD stores information about all resources, including their location and management. Effective resource management would be impossible without AD.
Below are some of the benefits of using AD:
Network management is easier: There are many computers in a company. It can be difficult to manage them all individually. We must also give the appropriate authority rights to different users when they use them. AD allows us to divide users into groups based upon their work and assign rights to them. This makes it easy to grant or deny access to a specific set of users.
Adaptable: With AD, it is possible to modify the rules easily to reflect changes or other needs. One user might leave the organization, or a senior employee might require additional privileges in the work environment. You can modify access control according to the policies of your organization.
Centralized: If there are multiple AD’s running on different servers and you create a user in one AD, it automatically replicates that user to other servers running in the same environment. This will allow you to access all services from one sign-on system.
Security: Security is a vital concern for all companies. Companies would not compromise security for any reason. AD is extremely secure and comes with encryption facilities that make it very difficult to misuse.
DNS integration: DNS integration is easy with AD. Each computer’s IP can easily be converted into its name, making it easy to link a user with a computer name.

Active Directory offers a variety of management tools that can be used to help with its efficient management. It can run different scripts for different tasks.
Extensible: AD can add new features to an object and modify it according to business requirements.
Scalable: You can create as many users as you need in an AD without worrying about the limit on user creation.
Troubleshooting: Using AD, it is much easier to troubleshoot issues and even use features like upgradation.

These are just a few of the many features that make AD so important in work environments. AD can be used according to the business’s needs. AD covers the majority of the required features such as Integration, Scalability and Extensibility. It is easy to use and does not compromise on Security.
It is difficult to imagine managing hundreds of computers within a network, and each user’s access to them. The network administrator is responsible for managing AD according to company and group policies.
All requests for changes must be approved. This ensures that AD is well managed. It is important to have a clear workflow that outlines the various processes and procedures that must be followed for any type of work that requires AD. For example. For example, adding a user to your team gives you the same access as the users in the user’s team. It also allows you to change the user’s position. It is easier to manage AD if these processes are clearly defined.

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Active Directory is vital